New MI Digital Reimbursement Forms

Listed below are two LINKS which are the new and modified forms for claiming reimbursement of equipment and technology related purchases for the operation of digital cigarette stamping machines: Case Packers and/or Conveyors & Upgrades to Technology and Equipment (including air compressors).

Form 5210 (Compensation for Packers and/or Conveyors) is a new form, and Form 5191 (Compensation for Upgrades) has been modified, in accordance with a recent change in Michigan law. Information on what is included in reimbursement along with qualifications for reimbursement are included on the forms.

If you have already submitted form 5191, the Department will still accept it, and will contact the wholesaler if more information is needed.  

FORM 5191:  Application for Compensation for Certain Upgrades to Cigarette Tax Stamping Technology & Equipment.

  • Hand Stamping System
  • Hand Stamp Applicator
  • 220V Electrical Wiring, Connections & Related Installation Costs
  • Internet Connection & Related Network
  • Air Compressor
  • Sales or Use Taxes
  • Shipping & Crating

FORM 5210: Application for Compensation for Purchases of Certain Cigarette Case Packers and/or Conveyors.

  • Case Packers
  • Conveyors
  • Sales or Use Taxes
  • Shipping & Crating

If you have any questions, please call RED Stamp at 616-878-7771 Ext 224, or
contact the Tobacco Tax Unit at (517) 636-4630.

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