SA 400

Since 1998, RED Stamp has been going above and beyond for our customers, proven by superior customer satisfaction ratings in responsiveness, professionalism, and work quality. RED Stamp is dedicated to giving 24/7/365 support and ensuring machinery is at peak performance in facilities.

Minimize downtime

  • 24/7/365 phone support
  • Certified Technicians

Preventative Maintenance

  • Regular facility service to keep equipment running at maximum efficiency
  • Training of facility operators and maintenance staff

Service Discounts

  • Reduced rates
  • Parts discounts

RED Stamp Technicians are the only technicians certified by RED Stamp to service your RED Stamp equipment.

Our certified technicians go through extensive training and testing to ensure the highest service standards. We believe the only way to really know the machinery is to understand it from the ground up, which is why RED Stamp provides its future technicians with the opportunity to build the machinery that they will be servicing. In addition, certified technicians must successfully complete a comprehensive education in equipment, service standards, and RED Stamp processes. During this, technicians go through a series of real world service scenarios simulating problems for them to diagnose and repair. Overall, technicians must complete a minimum of 250 hours of apprentice field time to become certified by RED Stamp.

Preventative maintenance is designed to keep your equipment in proper working condition, maximize the lifespan of the equipment, and minimize downtime through regular service.

Preventative maintenance service plans come with warrantied RED Stamp machines and may be extended through service agreements. Preventative maintenance visits include complete inspection of operational assemblies and consumable parts including valves, cylinders, belts, springs, and shocks. In addition, operational areas are cleaned, replaced, adjusted, and recalibrated to ensure optimal machine functioning. In an effort to keep facility downtime minimized, certified RED Stamp technicians will assist in the training of operator and facility staff on daily maintenance and machine care.



If you’re experiencing machine issues, please call the Service Hotline 

        Service Hotline: 1-855-473-3435
For general questions, please email service below.