Digital Hand Stamping System


RED Stamp’s Digital Tax Stamping Hand Stamp Applicator provides an easy, productive means of handheld labeling for digital cigarette tax stamps.

 The Digital Hand Stamping System is used to collect and submit data required by the State when manually applying digital tax stamps to cigarette cartons. This system is specifically used to apply digital stamps, and meets all statutory requirements as defined by the State of Michigan. In addition, this system is eligible for reimbursement pursuant to the Michigan Department of Treasury’s Eligibility for Compensation under MCL 205.427(3)(d) for technology, or equipment upgrades.


  • Simple side loading to minimize label threading time
  • Exclusive edge detector to eliminate the need for liner slits or perforations
  • Positive feed roller for accurate dispensing

System Equipment & Requirements

Hardware Included:

  • Desktop PC – w/keyboard and mouse
  • PC Monitor
  • UPS
  • Hand-Held Scanner (with mount)
  • Label Applicator
  • Touch Screen Monitor

Stamping Area Requirements:

  • Provide 120Vac, 1PH, 15Amps, 60Hz
  • Provide Internet Connectivity
  • Provide Work Surface

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