At RED Stamp, Inc., we know that our employees are our most valuable asset. We hire the best people to collaboratively grow our company through
leadership, performance, and innovation.

Leadership: How do you define a leader? As someone who manages others, or perhaps a person who inspires? At RED Stamp, Inc., we encourage leadership at all levels of our organization. We invite you to take ownership of your role, explore your skills, and seize opportunities to lead with integrity and make a difference.

Performance: Performance is the action that brings your intentions to life. There are plenty of opportunities at RED Stamp, Inc., for you to step-up and deliver. Whether building a relationship with a new customer or building the machines, your performance keeps up bringing quality product and services to the marketplace.

Innovation: We often think of inventors as people who build a new device or machine, but you can be innovative in so many different ways. At RED Stamp, Inc., we believe that our employees are our future and through our collaborative innovation we will thrive. You may identify a way to streamline a process, or offer an idea for a new product line, or maybe think of a way to enhance the customer experience. It’s your inventive spirit that will keep us growing, progressing, and uncovering important solutions for our customers.

Opportunities: If you’re looking for a company that is authentic and respectful, one that allows you to do your best work as part of a team dedicated to finding solutions and doing things right, we invite you to check out our career opportunities that are listed below. We might be your perfect fit.

Current Job Listing


If you are interested in one of the above positions, please email or fax your resume and completed job application (download here) to:

RED Stamp, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
3800 Patterson Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Fax: (616) 878-7775