Tax Stamping Machine Features

RED Stamp Tax Stamping Machines have optional component to maximize ease of use, improve inventory, and minimize downtime.


  • Auto-Sizing
    • The auto-sizing feature minimizes damages and makes the machine operation simple and easy to use. Auto-sizers measure each carton’s height and width and adjust the tax head accordingly. Ensuring a precise stamp application and significantly decreased product damage.
  • REDwriter Carton Marking System
    • The REDwriter Carton Marking System allows stamping agents to print information on the inside of the carton flap, helping stamping agents easily mange cartons that are being returned.
  • Lincoln Coder Marking System
    • The Lincoln Coder is a type of marking system required for New York and Pennsylvania stamping agents.
  • Tax Right
    • The Tax Right order verification system is integrated on all of our tax stamping machinery. Tax Right allows stamping agents to confirm the accuracy of each carton. Each carton code is scanned by Tax Right as it enters the stamping machine, if the carton is not associated with the order Tax Right stops the stamping machine before the stamps are applied and alerts the operator. This results in perfect orders with limited labor.
  • Cig Right
    • Cig Right is a batch processing solution designed to optimize the picking procedure by allowing the picker to batch pick all cigarette orders per delivery route.