Michigan Digital Introductory Meeting Recap

Xerox/Opsec Security (newly selected “Digital Stamp” and Solutions Provider) and Michigan Department of Treasury hosted an introductory meeting for machine manufacturers and the Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association (MDVA) on Friday, November 22, 2013.

Treasury and Xerox presented a tentative timeline for the implementation of the Digital Tax Stamp (DTS) system in Michigan. Below are the major milestones:

Now – December 30                       Clarifications and Definitions with the State

December 30 – February 28         Development and verification of the solution

February 28 – March 31                 Field Testing

March 31 – September 30              Implementation Period

Treasury and Xerox announced that the intent is to provide a staggered installation process with the machine reimbursement period to begin for each licensed and eligible stamper when the new machinery has been installed they are utilizing the new stamping technology.

Treasury and Xerox announced that Maintenance, License Fees (if any), Training, and Machine Leases were not eligible for reimbursement under the machine reimbursement provisions.

Licensed Stampers may be eligible for the reimbursement for multiple machines is multiple machines were used for Michigan stamping in the past.

Treasury and Xerox are working to define what will be eligible under the stamping allowance increase including if hand stamping solutions will be included.

Treasury and Xerox announced that it is there intent to reimburse the full amount of the Stamping Machine and sales tax regardless of the Machine Manufacturer.

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