Instructions for State Form 5171

The Michigan Department of Treasury has made the decision that they do not want Form 5171 submitted until all information is 100% complete –  including the following:

  • Installation is Completed.

  • Facility acceptance testing is satisfied and signed off.

  • All blanks are filled in (serial number, etc.) on the Form.

  • All required documents are included (invoice, contract etc.).

After the completed installation of your RED Stamp MI Digital Tax Stamping Machine, we will send you a final invoice along with the required Department of Treasury form:  Form 5171. When you receive this, fill out Sections 1, 2 &  4 and attach this to your Invoice and Purchase Agreement. It may then be sent in to the State.


Send forms, invoices and purchase agreements to:

Michigan Department of Treasury
Tobacco Tax Unit
PO Box 30474
Lansing, MI 48909

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