Actions Required for all MI Stamping Agents

By now, every MI Stamping Agent should have recently received two important documents from the State of Michigan regarding the transition to Digital Stamping: Stamping Agent Certification of Existing Equipment Form (Form 5115),  and a draft of Reimbursement for Upgrades to Technology and Equipment to Affix Digital Stamp document Both of these documents will require agents to take immediate action, in order to ensure they are certified/qualified and properly reimbursed. RED Stamp has been informed that another form is currently being drafted by the Department which will be required to send in with purchasing agreements once agents have entered into a contract to purchase a stamping machine.



Form 5115, Stamping Agent Certification of Existing Equipment. This should be filled out and sent in by every MI Stamping Agent immediately to the MI Department of Treasury. Once received, the state can then provide documentation confirming your eligibility to qualify for a reimbursement for a Digital Tax Stamping Machine and the number of Digital Tax Stamping Machines that qualify. If you have questions about this form please call us and we will walk you through to ensure you are properly certified for reimbursement.

Eligibility for Compensation Under MCL 205.427(3)(d)). Please review this document as soon as possible. This is a Draft from the MI Department of Treasury indicating the technology and equipment (upgrades) that will be eligible or non-eligible for reimbursement (*Please note: This reimbursement is separate from the high speed stamping machine reimbursement). The Department is giving distributors the opportunity to send comments, concerns, and/or questions about these determinations and will review and consider changes to these prior to issuing a final determination concerning the upgrades addressed in this document. Comments are due by April 25, 2014 and should be sent to the MI Department of Treasury (contact information below).

Pending State Machine Reimbursement Form. We have been informed that this form is currently being written by the Department and will be used after you have entered into a purchase agreement for the Digital Tax Stamping Machine. Our understanding is that the form will be sent to the State, along with the Purchasing Agreement, in order to ensure that the total amount of sale in the Agreement is consistent with the machine suppliers agreement with State of Michigan on price and to establish your “account” for reimbursement on the machine and applicable taxes.



1. Fill out Form 5115, Stamping Agent Certification of Existing Equipment and Send to:
    (Download Form 5115 HERE.)

MI Department of Treasury
Tobacco Tax Unit
PO Box 30474
Lansing, MI 48909
FAX: 517-636-4631 (for faster processing)

For assistance with this form please call your RED Stamp Representative, or The MI Dept of Treasury Tobacco Tax Unit at 517-636-4630.


2. Send comments/concerns about determination on upgrades eligible for compensation BEFORE April 25, 2014 to:
(Download Determination Draft HERE.)


MI Department of Treasury
Tobacco Tax Unit
PO Box 30474
Lansing, MI 48909-7974


QUESTIONS? Please Contact:

Bruce DeBoer
PH: 616-878-7771 Ext. 227
PH: 616-481-3342

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