Digital Tax Stamping Unit – DTS 120


DTS 296x136

The DTS-120 Digital Cigarette Tax Stamping Unit leads the way in secure tax stamp applications, utilizing advanced system engineering for Reliable, Durable and Efficient operation. RED stamp brand stampers are known for their ability to significantly decrease product damage and increase throughput. The DTS-120’s programming flexibility allows States to choose the amount of layered security within the stamp. In addition, Distributors can work with the State to ensure cigarettes are not being sold in other territories by utilizing this system which allows for hand scanning – on the spot.

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REDSTAMP Digital Tax Stamping Technology

RED Stamp is the Digital Tax Stamping Technology expert. As states gradually shift towards this new revolutionary secure stamping system, we are the leading innovator providing up-dates on new legislation: Working with Legislators, Associations and Security Companies. Every day we are helping customers prepare for the transition to this new system.

Thermal Vs Digital Stamping

Currently stamps are applied by heat transfer machines. However, Digital Tax Stamps are “pressure sensitive” which requires a specialized machine to apply and track these stamps. These digital stamps are ‘smarter’ and contain a unique non-repeating code that can be read by device which identified the taxed product. It will also contain other security and enforcement features as determined by the Department of Treasury.


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