Combo Tote & Case Packer

Automatically Pack in Both Totes & Boxes1 USE


Machine features include:

       •   Control Panel with Color Touch Screen

       •   Visible LED Sensors

       •   Advanced Safety Features

       •   Attached air-nozzle for machine cleaning.

       •   Stamper to Packer Communication Devise.


The RED Stamp Combo Packer works in the same way as our standard machine, but can pack boxes and totes with NO ADJUSTMENTS NECESSARY!

Cigarette cartons feed into the packer where they are automatically lined up for loading into either empty totes and/or boxes. These cases can be loaded onto the out-feed conveyor by a stamping machine, or by hand. Once the tote/box is full, it is ejected onto a work table, or conveyor.


IMG_1098Pack Faster … Low Maintenance

Cigarette Case Packing Machine.

100's in Tote