Cigarette Case Cutting Machine CCU 6-12

Decrease Product Damage and Reduce Cost



The RED Stamp Cigarette Case Cutting Unit, CCU-6-12 will cut most standard 6M and 12M cigarette cases handling case sizes between 6”-29”L, 6”-18W”, and 7″-24″H. x 24”.  It will cut numerous 12M cigarette cases in half and will sence the presence of intermixed 6M cases automatically adjusting for a tops cut.

The CCU 6-12 is the efficient choice for opening for split case picking, mixed case re-pack, and case cutting for cigarette master packs.


 RED Stamp Automatic Case Cutter Features & Benefits

612 at 200Reduces Direct Labor
Speeds Throughput
Reduces Product Damage
Precision Multi-Axis Cutting
Easy to Use Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
Sensors Measure to within .001 of an Inch
Minimal air Usage
Computer Controlled for Flexibility
Powder Coated Frame for Long Life



RED Stamp machinery available to work alongside the Automated Case Cutter include:

CSU 120     Single Head Tax Stamper
CSU 120D   Dual Head Tax Stamper
CSU 120T   Triple Head Tax Stamper
BTU 6M      Box Topper Unit
BSU 12M     Box Splitter Unit
CPU 120     Case Packing Unit
Security Strapping Units
Security Wrapping Stations


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