Cigarette Order Distribution System

CigRight is a cigarette batch processing solution designed to optimize the picking procedure by simplifying the pick, stamping, and repack process for cigarette orders.

CigRight integrates with PickRight (ProCat’s order selection/picking solution) and is designed to allow one picker to batch pick all cigarette orders per delivery route.  The picker completes the entire delivery route’s orders with one pass of the pick line, batch picking each sku as they proceed down the line.  The cartons then proceed to the cigarette stamping machine where the appropriate jurisdictional stamp(s) are applied.  As they exit the stamper, the individual cartons are then grouped into their respective ship-to orders.  CigRight consists of several back to back Put-Positions set up along the stamper’s discharge conveyor section.  Each Put-Position consists of a touch screen monitor set on a shelf above a “30 Carton Box” immediately below the monitor and represents an individual ship-to order.  As each batched picked group of sku’s exit the stamp machine onto the discharge conveyor, the Put-Positions display the number of cartons that belong to that order and the operator collects the corresponding quantity and puts them into the respective box.  The operator signals the completion of each brand by a simple touch to the monitor’s screen. This continues as each brand of cigarettes exits the stamper. When an individual order is completed, it is pushed off onto the take-away conveyor behind the Put-Position. In this way the individual orders are combined from the batch pick and the correct brands and quantities are repacked.

CigRight simplifies the pick, stamping and repack process for cigarette orders.