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In today’s increasingly complex environment, tax stamp operators need to maximize their accuracy, efficiency and control over their cigarette operations.  From varied sku’s to demanding government regulations and costs, operators require solutions to enhance their workflow, eliminate costly mispicks and provide the reporting and tracking tools they need for government compliance.  ProCat has developed several systems to help the tobacco wholesaler meet these challenges. ProCat’s flagship solution for the stamping operator is TaxRight, a cigarette order verification system.

TaxRight interfaces with your cigarette stamping equipment scanning the cigarette cartons before they receive their jurisdictional stamp(s).  Each order is counted down catching mispicks and overages.  If a mispick is identified, or an overage occurs, TaxRight stops the stamping machine prior to the tax stamp being applied.  At the end of each order, TaxRight notifies the operator of any cartons that may be missing “shorting” the order. Shortages and out-of-stocks can be assigned reason codes by the operator. Order information can also be exported back to your company’s host computer for electronic order correction. TaxRight also identifies jurisdictional changes alerting the operator when stamps need to be changed. This results in virtually 100% accurate orders eliminating checking and costly incorrect stamp application and returns.

TaxRight has been developed to work with single and multiple head stamping machines to maximize efficiency and optimize the use of your stamping equipment and operations.  TaxRight can manage stamping machines with up to 4 tax heads allowing any combination of tax heads to operate at the same time and control orders that may require different jurisdictional stamps.