The Odyssey

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The Fastest, Most Efficient Tax-Stamping System in the World.

Double or triple throughput in your pre- or post-stamp operation. The Odyssey opens, applies stamps and reseals boxes faster and more efficiently than any other system on the market.

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  • 150 cartons per minute
  • Reduce your expenses
    • Staff
    • Support
    • Equipment



One-of-a-kind modular design provides you with the ability to modify your stamping system as business and regulations demand

  • Expand the machine if business dictates
    • Add another stamping module (single to dual)
  • Modify the machine if legislation changes
    • Thermal to Digital
    • Thermal and Digital

Remote support system — improves efficiency and minimizes downtime

  • RSi Certified Technician can remotely access your system
    • Troubleshoot
    • Monitor systems and operations
  • Two-way communications system available
    • Quickly resolve system issues
    • Support your staff 24/7